4th Storm Kayama novel

Pleasing The Dead by Deborah Turrell AtkinsonStorm Kayama goes to Maui to help a new client open a dive shop and encounters a prostitution ring run by the Yakuza. As she struggles to uncover who has finessed the murder of at least one child, she is forced to confront her own troubled ghosts before other young women die.

“Rich with Hawaiian folklore, Atkinson’s convoluted fourth mystery to feature attorney Storm Kayama (after 2007′s Fire Prayer) explores the dark side of paradise. Soon after Storm arrives in Kahului, Maui, where she’s handling the legalities of setting up a new dive shop for a client, Lara Farrell, she hears of a deadly explosion at a town restaurant. At Lara’s dive shop, which is still under construction, Storm witnesses a Japanese workman, Hiroki, being reprimanded for drunkenness and, later, another employee sobbing.

When Hiroki kills himself and one of his two daughters, Storm reaches out to the second daughter, who survived the attack. Drawing on her knowledge of local customs and the “coconut wireless,” Hawaii’s gossip chain, Storm finds links between the recent tragedies and the yakuza, a Japanese crime organization active in the islands. Readers will root for the strong, likable Storm as she uncovers secrets on an island that’s only idyllic on the surface.”
—Publishers Weekly


3rd Storm Kayama novel

Fire Prayer by Deborah Turrell AtkinsonWhen Storm Kayama goes to Moloka’i to help an old friend, she finds his ex-wife is murdered, his young, diabetic son gone, and a killer on the loose, desperate to prevent Storm from learning too much….

“What could be better than the beautiful setting of Honolulu, an exciting plot and great characters? Fire Prayer by Deborah Turrell Atkinson has it all. Ms. Atkinson is an extremely talented author. The plot is an exciting adventure taking the reader through the rain forest and across the unspoiled beaches of Moloka’i. The characters have great depth. The heroine, Storm, is well developed. She’s strong with great intelligence. This is the first book I’ve read my Deborah Turrell but it won’t be the last. Mystery fans need to add this one to their must read list.”
—Debra Gaynor, Reader Views



2nd Storm Kayama novel

The Green Room by Deborah Turrell AtkinsonWhile watching a surfing competition, Storm is suddenly drawn into a mystery involving an ancient Hawaiian weapon and threats from the past…

“Those of us who aren’t familiar with the Hawaiian Islands are more in the habit of thinking of The Green Room as the place in a theatre where the actors can hang out when they’re not onstage.

This Green Room, however, written so capably by Deborah Turrell Atkinson, is far more intimidating and scary… her work gives us an insider’s slant on the Hawaiian islands, especially O’ahu…. It’s a great work, and the worthy contribution of a fairly new author to the mystery scene.”

—Alan Paul Curtis,


1st Storm Kayama novel

Primitive Secrets by Deborah Turrell AtkinsonStorm Kayama, a recent law school graduate, is called upon to investigate her uncle’s mysterious death. Questions surround his death, and her adopted family begins to close ranks as Storm’s suspicions rise…

“After the apparent heart-attack death of her adoptive father, Hawaiian lawyer Miles Hamasaki, Storm Kayama is first mugged, then robbed, then threatened. Someone desperately wants Hamasaki’s briefcase, which, as Storm finds later, contains sensitive material relating to a cancer insurance case. In the end, Storm makes use of Hawaiian resources, including a traditional healer and a ranch hand, to uncover her father’s killer. Legal firm insider stuff, a possible romance with a handsome new associate, adoptive family secrets, and unusual settings round out a memorable read.”
—Library Journal

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