Fire Prayer

Storm Kayama’s old high school friend, Tanner Williams, needs her help. He’s asked her to come to Moloka’i to make sure his ex-wife is taking good care of his adolescent son, a newly diagnosed diabetic. Ian Hamlin, Storm’s law partner and lover, is investigating a Moloka’i kayaking company’s negligence in the disappearance of Brock Liu, the son of an O’ahu shipping magnate. It looks like a great excuse for Storm and Hamlin to get away for the weekend.


But Storm soon finds that Tanner has bigger problems than he let on. For one, his ex has ties to a local protest group and an unsolved homicide. A few hours after Storm’s visit to her home, twelve-year-old Luke Williams finds his mother dead on their living room floor. Luke calls the police, then disappears into the vast Moloka‘i forest.


Storm believes Luke may have seen his mother’s killer and is in grave danger from both the murderer and his brittle diabetes. She and discover that Brock Liu’s disappearance is also linked to the infamous protest group. As Storm searches, the killer becomes more desperate, stalking Storm and the through the dense rainforests, pristine beaches, and untamed wilds of Moloka’i.


In her third Storm Kayama novel, Deborah Atkinson uses Hawaiian legends and the islands’ cultural diversity to spin a story from an islander’s perspective. The result is a mystery super-charged with authentic characters, tension, and spine-tingling action.

“The Moloka’i scenery is as vivid and appealing as the heroine, and authentic language and folklore make this a first-rate tale of greed, lust and retribution.”

Publishers Weekly

“Interesting insight into Hawaii’s growth problems and cultural clashes wrapped around a suspenseful mystery.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Atkinson weaves ancient legends into this third book of her Storm Kayama series. Life’s messy details play out against an exotic backdrop… `{`it picks`}` up steam for a rush to the finale…. I enjoyed it. Atkinson doesn’t resort to a tourist’s travelogue but writes about real, everyday life, and her love for the island shines through.”

Pat Browning, DorothyL

“This fast-paced mystery combines vivid descriptions of the beautiful countryside, fascinating background on Hawaiian lore and legend, and an intriguing glimpse of the engaging Storm’s past.”


New Covey Cover Awards FIRE PRAYER has won the award for Most Artistic Cover for November’s New Covey Cover Awards. “The story’s climax is as full of revelations and surprises as any mystery aficionado could wish. But it’s not the vivid action alone that makes Fire Prayer a standout. What’s really attractive is the author’s knowledge of Molokai culture and the way she skillfully weaves it into her tapestry…”

Honolulu Star Bulletin (read the full review)

“Storm Kayama’s fans, stand up and cheer. You know who you are. If you aren’t a fan yet, get with the program… The plot alone is enough to carry this very exciting story. The culture of the islands, the smatterings of the language, the foods, clothing, and the glorious surroundings keep your nose glued to the book from start to finish. The lush setting dredges up longings to be a part of the scene. The exciting climax will have you holding your breath. You don’t want to miss a word of Fire Prayer, another delightful read in an engaging series.”

BookLoons (read the full review)

“Hold on for a fast-paced mystery brimming with the beauty and culture of Hawaii. But beware of the flip side to all that beauty, because that is the place that Deborah Turrell Atkinson explores with a sure hand. Fire Prayer is a terrific read, with characters as memorable as a sunset on the beach.”

Margaret Coel, author of The Drowning Man

“Trail rides to test the mettle of the newly acquired horses, the remote reaches of the island attractions, the hit and miss ability to stay in touch via cell phone, a missing teenager newly diagnosed with brittle childhood diabetes, the continuing tension between tradition and modern development, and the lurking danger of a killer hiding in plain sight all combine for a tense, engrossing read.”

Woodstock, Books n Bytes

“Deborah Turrell Atkinson’s third Storm Kayama novel, Fire Prayer, is her best mystery yet, an exploration of secrets and culture in the Hawaiian Islands… Atkinson’s gift lies in her ability to bring an enchanted world of beauty to life. She also shows that secrets and anger can destroy the most beautiful world. In Atkinson’s Fire Prayer, lives are destroyed, and paradise ruined, by man’s fears. Deborah Turrell Atkinson points out that man himself is the serpent in that tropical Eden.”

Lesa Holstine, Lesa’s Book Critiques (read the full review)

“The novel paces the reader with all the beauty of the islands, the legends and folklore of its peoples. As in the past two novels in the series, the writing is fluid and the plot well-constructed. It’s a good thing aloha means goodbye as well as hello: it will hopefully greet the fourth in the Hawaii series.”

Gloria Feit, Spinetingler Magazine

“What an enjoyable read! Fire Prayer was the first book of Ms. Atkinson’s three books I’d read but it will not be the last. I was captivated by the beautiful setting of Moloka’i and character of Storm Kayama… I highly recommend Fire Prayer for a fun, fast, edge of your seat read. Ms. Atkinson manages to impart a great deal of knowledge on many subjects and makes it a lot of fun.”

Kay Martinez, DorothyL

“What could be better than the beautiful setting of Honolulu, an exciting plot and great characters? Fire Prayer by Deborah Turrell Atkinson has it all. Ms. Atkinson is an extremely talented author. The plot is an exciting adventure taking the reader through the rain forest and across the unspoiled beaches of Moloka’i. The characters have great depth. The heroine, Storm, is well developed. She’s strong with great intelligence. This is the first book I’ve read my Deborah Turrell but it won’t be the last. Mystery fans need to add this one to their must read list.”

Debra Gaynor, Reader Views

“Storm is a great character, just flawed enough to be interesting, just tough enough to be believable when she gets into trouble, as she so often does, just caring enough to be a good friend to those who love her. Her Hawaii is lush and exotic, beautiful with an undercurrent of danger. This is the third in the series, and I hope there will be many more to come.”

Shirley Wetzel, Over My Dead Body

“With Fire Prayer, readers are again treated to the rich cultural history of the Hawaiian Islands while following Attorney Storm Kayama in her latest mystery. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of mysteries set in exotic locales. Most of them offer an interesting setting for the book. What sets Atkinson’s Storm Kayama mysteries apart is that the Hawaiian setting is not just a back drop for the story, but rather part of each of the books. Atkinson’s knowledge of the Hawaiian culture, both historical and modern day including the myths and legends of the Hawaiian people make these books fascinating reads.”

Caryn St. Clair, DorothyL