Peace Dove, who can also carry a face mask, was inspired by a combination of the CoVid pandemic and political strife.  She is made of sterling silver, fine silver, and argentium.  Her eye is a ruby and she carries a garnet in her beak. $225

Jazzy Earrings with ear posts revel in their asymmetry.  They are made of fine silver (.999), 24 karat gold, 18 k gold, and sterling silver.  The 24 k gold is fused to the fine silver in an ancient Korean process called Keum Boo. $175

Moonlight Ring is cast sterling silver and a size that can be worn on other-than-traditional fingers.  Just for fun! The stone is quartz with gold spots, like stars, which are enhanced by the 18 k gold beads that act as prongs. $175

Calla Lily earrings are made of sterling silver and shaped with a spiculum hammer in an ancient technique forming a tiny tube.  I am often inspired by shapes that occur in nature.  The silver is oxidized to rich, dark hues and accented with freshwater pearls. $75

Copper cuff, a statement piece, perfect for a night of dancing.  Any dancing, but two-step is a favorite.  A baroque shape, wrought with the use of a hydraulic press, trimmed with sterling silver and a gorgeous turquoise nugget.  $125

Keum Boo dangles, to be worn with anything from jeans to a cocktail dress.  Like the Jazzy Earrings, they are fabricated of embossed fine silver with 24 k gold design fused to the surface in the Keum Boo technique. The posts are sterling silver. $150

Filigree and Labradorite Earringsare made of fine silver (.999), argentium, and sterling silver. The iridescent labradorite stone, a type of feldspar, is a spiritual stone that is thought to impart strength and perseverance while heightening intuition.  $175

Fall Leaves, elegant and stunning in their simplicity, are shaped by hammer in sterling silver, again drawing on the marvelous shapes that nature provides.  The ear wires are also sterling and allow the leaves to tremble as if in a breeze.  $75